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• Saint Aug Shores CEO MARY JENSON Votes YES on 28.6% PAY INCREASE!
2024 Payroll / Total = $369,750.
• WHO SPLITS THE : $71,777.


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A Community Project / and more!

St Augustine Shores Service Corp
Treasurer Brad Smith Quits!

• ST AUG SHORES. Saint Augustine Shores Service Corp Treasurer BRAD SMITH Quits!
• Munchkin Millionaire RESIGNS!
Special Thanks To: Mary Vella & Jeff Bailey?

Treasurer Brad Smith suddenly resigns from his St Augustine Shores post effective immediately! Was Brad Smith getting too famous garnering too much publicity? Serendipity prevails for those who step beyond their natural boundaries. Oh! How Poetic!

EX-Treasurer / Brad Smith

Brad "All Smiles" Smith

Mary Jenson ~ Sightseeing Expedition: 4-7-2024

• St Augustine Shores Paparazzi nabs ALL NEW:
Mary Jenson Presidential Photos!
• Rare recent photos of The President & CEO:
Saint Augustine Shores Service Corp!

President Mary Jenson walks her dog while on a sightseeing expedition in St Augustine Shores FL near Canopy Shores Park! A Lovely 3-piece outfit boasts a pink and purple daisy pattern for spring dazes -n- breezy rivers! ... Good Timing : Hold your breath. Tennis anyone?

President / CEO: Mary Jenson

Brad "All Smiles" Smith

Double Vision

Meet & Greet Mr. Frank! Our New Partner!
... Say Hay! if you see him around -or- at The Pool ...

Mr. Frank has a passion for photography, songwriting, music & art! He looks forward to working with you in either capacity!

Meet and Greet Mr. Frank on Fridays with his fiancée Ms. Margot at the Ricochet Buffet munching gourmet escargot.
Make a debut!

My Dream Girl

Written, composed & performed by Mr. Frank for his bride-to-be, The Mississippian, Ms. Margot!

St Aug / Augustine Shores

My Dream Girl

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