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• Saint Augustine Shores Service Corp President Mary Jenson Stepping Down?
Invasion of Privacy & Intrusion...
Surveillant Caught on Camera By Resident in St Augustine Shores!


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A Community Project / and more!

Surveillance episode causes controversy in St. Aug Shores neighborhood! St Augustine Shores HOA President Mary Jenson with Treasurer Brad Smith pictured below in photos from Sunday April 7, 2024. The dynamic duo showed up on a Sunday afternoon to take photos of a Shores Resident!

Brad Smith / Mary Jenson

Brad Smith

Mary Jenson

Mary Jenson

• St Aug Shores HOA President Mary Jenson Resigning? Invasion of Privacy, Intrusion, SURVEILLANCE EPISODE!
Surveillant Caught On Camera In St Augustine SHORES!
HOA Treasurer Brad Smith has already resigned.

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• Just Getting Started!
Saint Augustine Shores Service Corp HOA Spends $6,000.00 on Lawyers Already! LAWSUIT Against Shores Resident!

» Defendant Paul » Files 41 Page Response

Summer Lee Reed of Jacksonville Florida, one of the Attorneys for the St Augustine Shores HOA, during a phone call recently told Defendant Paul: "The legal fees associated with the new Lawsuit so far amounted to approximately $6,000.00 already!

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• St Augustine Shores Homeowner Mary Vella Calls Sheriff! Drama Queen Moments ~ Recorded On Video Cam!

Mary Vella

St Augustine Shores Resident Mary F. Vella Calls the Sheriff!
The "Drama Queen Mary" Episode ~ Feb. 19, 2022.
That day, Mary Vella told Law Enforcement ...

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