St Aug Augustine Shores FL
Mary Vella Destroys Beautiful Round-Top Shores Trees

A Community Project / and more!

Shores Resident Destroys 2 Large Trees!
• St Augustine Shores ~ St. Augustine, FL
• An Ormond Beach Tree Company worked fast removing 2 beautiful healthy round-top trees on Saturday at 799 Gilda Drive with the homeowner Mary F. Vella commanding the destruction.
• Tree Company: Tree Life Florida LLC

Mary Vella

"Sorry little birds and squirrels! Go find a new home!
We're not raking leaves anymore!
(She was heard saying by a neighbor in the area).

Yes, both of the trees in the map image are gone! No tree removal permit was found on file when researching the records. The above map text says "798 Gilda Dr" because of the street angle, but the home/address pictured is 799 Gilda. What a shame: Bill J."

Before Picture / Google Map

The above link displays the full street view.


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