St Aug Augustine Shores FL
Will Shores Director Nick Arocha Mellow Out?

A Community Project / and more!

To: Mary Jenson, President : Board of Directors
Saint Augustine Shores Service Corp.
790 Christina Drive | St. Augustine, FL 32086

Mary Jenson

Request : Have a talk with Director Nicolas Arocha.

The Director, Mr. Nicolas Arocha of called our Secretary Polly from phone number (201) 563 - **** at approximately 7:55pm, Monday, March 25, 2024 while his wife Mary Antonette Snider Arocha was listening in and was heard commenting.

Nicolas Arocha

Polly: "During an abusive & condescending conversation while my daughter (a Registered Nurse) was listening on my speaker phone, Mr. Nick Arocha played the Mafia Card / Mafia Boss invoking 'The Sopranos.' His tough-guy machismo seemed to be a cover for a Napoleonic complex?"

Napoleon Complex

"His conduct was inhospitable! While he was on a total rant, I had to interrupt him giving the advice: Mr. Arocha, you have 2 ears and 1 mouth, you should listen twice as much as you talk ..." (It didn't help.)

He asked if I voted for Trump, then accused me of being a Democrat! After more questioning, I said : "...I haven't voted since Ross Perot."

A few puzzling tid-bits Mr. Arocha said to Polly during the call:

"Biden is the reason for our problems here at home."

"Jesus Christ is God Almighty! Not the son of God."

"The Apollo 11 Moon Landing was filmed in a studio at the top of The Trump Tower years ago."

"Do you have a problem with Catholics?
(After his telling me he went to Catholic School.)

"His Father and Uncles were locked up in Cuban prisons.

"The site: is not allowed since it's been in THE TOP 7 of Google Search Results when searching keywords:
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Updated Search Results as of : 9:53am • 3-29-24
Device : Huawei MateBook X Pro / XFinity / 32095

Too Bad Nick!  It's The  USA  Not Cuba! We have freedom of speech! Our website is not allowed? What Planet are you from? Uranus Nick. Educate yourself by reading: The First Amendment! lol. The so-called Republican ( Nicolas Arocha ) not willing to uphold The First Amendment? Are you switching Parties Nick?

The First Amendment ~ Congress

Freedom of Speech / USA

The First Amendment ~ Wikipedia

Hey Nick! ... Mellow out!
Love Always, Peggy G.

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